About Edward C. O’Reilly

His story is the true American dream, having been born into a working class family, the son of two extraordinarily hard working parents. His mother, a Registered Nurse who consistently worked double and sometimes triple shifts while at the same time achieving several advanced degrees from Columbia University and his father, a Vietnam Veteran who worked 20 years serving on the NYPD, led by example teaching Ed that through hard work, commitment, building trust, providing unwavering loyalty and having unsurpassed passion for your life’s work, he would achieve all of his dreams.

A graduate of Marist College, Ed started in the recruiting industry at the young age of 21 years. Upon arriving at his first day of work, his boss handed him 2 tools, a telephone and a shoe box full of blank index cards. Through relentless determination and a keen insight into the needs of others Ed transposed those simple tools into a very strong client base. Always the trail blazer on October 2, 2000 at the age of 26 Ed started CyberSearch Corp, a staffing firm dedicated to staffing for permanent Litigation Support, E-Discovery, Forensics and Information Technology within the legal industry. Three months after the grand opening of CyberSearch “the dot- com bust” hit and eleven months after CyberSearch opened we all experienced the unimaginable tragedy of 9-11. The bottom fell out of the markets and although even the most prestigious companies in the world struggled, Ed was not deterred from his mission and he worked harder than ever to develop his clientele and was extremely successful. Ed always says, “Down times in our economy can be a positive, since it forces us to become better at what we do and much more resourceful.” No better example bore witness to this belief than when he launched his second company CyberSearch Temps Inc. in 2002.

Since the inception of the company in October of 2000, Cyber Search Global has become a brand in the litigation support and legal information technology industries representing the very best in recruiting practices. Staffing in all 50 states, Europe and Asia, Ed’s mission continues to be making his boutique agency Cyber Search Global be the first agency you turn to for your Litigation Support and E-Discovery and Forensic staffing needs or career moves, depending on what side of the fence you stand on.

Ask Ed’s clients and they’ll consistently reply that the reasons they turn to him to meet their E-Discovery and other litigation staffing needs is that Ed consistently provides the very best candidates; he has unsurpassed knowledge of the industry and extraordinary relationships with both clients and industry’s leading talent; he understands our needs, he works tirelessly to achieve our goals; we trust Ed implicitly.